P. Franchesco Ferrucci PR List

P. Franchesco Ferrucci is a timeless story. 
Inspired by my family’s Italian origins and refined vintage principles. 
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” - Leonardo da Vinci 
The idea of P. Franchesco Ferrucci originates from a timeless concept. 
This concept is presented in every collection through vintage Italian and minimalistic inspirations.
A mixture of vintage and modern styles of craftsmanship are found in our handcrafted essentials. 
P. Franchesco Ferrucci essentials age beautifully and can withstand the test of time.
Our artisans are masters of craftsmanship, having over a decade of experience.
P. Franchesco Ferrucci is delivered from North America, Europe, & Central America to all over the world.
Timeless Essentials For The Modern Era
 - Paolo Franchesco


The P. Franchesco Ferrucci PR List is a private group of our international & GQ featured company.


An exclusive group of menswear enthusiasts who represent the company, get paid a high commission, and get access to monthly giveaways and exclusive content.
Our group gives men a chance to step inside the men's fashion industry.


Officially Represent P. Franchesco Ferrucci.


The PR List members are the ambassadors of P. Franchesco Ferrucci.
One a member, you will be able to use the P. Franchesco Ferrucci logo or name on any social media platform or your own website if you wish, in order to help raise the profile of your personal brand further.
We give members the chance to be the face of the brand and company on our online campaigns and social media.
Once a member, send in quality pictures wearing the brand. If they meet our standards, our content team will edit your visuals and feature you.
All of the models featured on P. Franchesco Ferrucci are members.











Get Paid A High Commission.


Members get paid 20% of net profit from each sale made using their referral discount code, which they receive once they join the PR List.


This commission is higher than most men's fashion companies.


Only members obtain discounts to P. Franchesco Ferrucci, with the exception of seasonal promotions.


Our members influence 20% of P. Franchesco Ferrucci's sales, making it an important element to our company.


An average P. Franchesco Ferrucci order is $200 per customer.













Exclusive Monthly Giveaways.


All members will be entered into exclusive giveaways monthly.


Every month we give away P. Franchesco Ferrucci products to one random PR List Member.


No purchase required. Void where prohibited by law.


Members will also have access to early or exclusive P. Franchesco Ferrucci content & product.











Invite Only.


The P. Franchesco Ferrucci PR List is an invite only group.


While our members include renowned people of many industries: fashion, athletes, actors, models, musicians, and artists, we all have one thing in common:


We live by our company's inspiration of a timeless man.










 Akron Watson for P. Franchesco Ferrucci.







Becoming A Member


To become a member of the P. Franchesco Ferrucci PR List, all you have to do is register below.
After registering, a confirmation email will be sent, welcoming you to the P. Franchesco Ferrucci PR List, and officially becoming a member.
After 3-5 business days, your personal discount code of 20% off will be emailed, 
authorized to start earning commission with P. Franchesco Ferrucci.
Ferrucci1530 is an exclusive 40% off code that only PR List members may use now, and for any future personal orders. 
Our team will contact you through email for earning commission, the sales you've made, and notify you of exclusive PR List news and winnings.






Frequently Asked PR List Questions


How do I become a Member?

All one has to do to become a member of the PR List is register by filling out the form above. After your registration, you will receive a order confirmation email. 


How can I check when my referral code has made sales?

The P. Franchesco Ferrucci Team will reach out to you through email when commission has been earned.


How can I get featured on the online campaigns of P. Franchesco Ferrucci?

After becoming a Member, for chance to officially represent P. Franchesco Ferrucci on our social media or online campaigns, send your unedited photos of you wearing the brand's product to our email; info@pfranchescoferrucci.com.


Is there a contract required to become part of the PR List? 

No, there is no contract involved or legal restrictions with the affiliate private group of the P. Franchesco Ferrucci PR List.


How do Members get paid?

Members get automatically paid through either Paypal, Venmo or other payment options. We will contact you for this information after the first commission has been earned.




Email: info@pfranchescoferrucci.com









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