Creators of P. Franchesco Ferrucci

P. Franchesco Ferrucci is a timeless story. 
Inspired by Italian origins and refined vintage principles. 
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” - Leonardo da Vinci 
The idea of P. Franchesco Ferrucci originates from a timeless concept. 
This concept is presented in every collection through vintage Italian and minimalistic inspirations.
A mixture of vintage and modern styles of craftsmanship are found in our handcrafted essentials. 
P. Franchesco Ferrucci essentials age beautifully and can withstand the test of time.
Our artisans are masters of craftsmanship, having over a decade of experience.
P. Franchesco Ferrucci is delivered from North America, Europe, Central America & Asia to all over the world.
Timeless Essentials For The Modern Era
 - Paolo Franchesco
Created in 2018, it took less than a year for the company to reach an international level; being delivered to over 40 countries all over the world.
We hope you include this to your photography portfolio.
I’m looking to feature 20 photographers (20 Canvases) for the AW19 Collection of P. Franchesco Ferrucci, "From My City To Yours". 
The collection releases late Fall of 2019.

Creators of P. Franchesco Ferrucci 

This is an official collaboration between you and the P. Franchesco Ferrucci company.

The main idea is that we share your work, and you get to experience our company’s work.

Ordering the "Creator Canvas" is the only requirement for the collaboration for our online store, and online campaign of 2019.

After you place your order:

You will receive a handcrafted canvas of your photograph in about a week, depending on your location.

Our team will publish your work in "The Gallery".

Our team will create the mockup of your photograph on the canvas, and create the page where your work will be featured and available for sale, as well as include information about you, the creator.

You will get paid 20% net profit from each canvas sold.

Creator Canvas

This is an example of the finished product.

We add in the P. Franchesco Ferrucci logo to identify that it is one of our pieces.

Each masterpiece is crafted with the idea of timeless perfection; a vivid print onto a textured and fade-resistant canvas.

Please keep in mind that our handcrafted canvases are the only products that we don't allow returns, this is because we craft the canvas individually after an order has been placed.

After you place your order, email your photograph.
Make sure the file is either in the format PDF, AI, or EPS.
Include the following details in your email:
The Photograph's Name:
The Photography's Location:
Your Name:

We would love to feature your work and give you something to add to your photography portfolio.
Please keep in mind that we do not guarantee sales, but we have effective marketing plans in our international company.